is a deflationary meme token parody of Elon Musk's famous puppy Floki, who was recently named CEO of Twitter.
Baby Floki CEO
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What is Baby Floki CEO?
The Baby Floki CEO is a gem for meme coin investors looking for buzz around Elon's new puppy.

Our cute little puppy Floki has finally been named CEO of Twitter by his dad Elon Musk. When Baby Floki took over as CEO, the potential for this adorable little pup became limitless.

Baby Floki CEO has always dreamed of leading the Twitter meme token movement and flying to the moon. The Baby Floki CEO community is ready to make it happen 🚀
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✅Website Launch
✅Marketing Campaign
✅Presale Launch
CoinGecko Listing
✅CoinMarketCap Listing
Development of NFT Farming Dapp

✅2,000 Telegram Members
5,000 Holders


✅Listing LBANK
Marketing Push
More CEX listing
Launch Staking
Burn Event
Development of NFT Marketplace

✅10,000 Telegram Members
20,000 Holders


NFT Collection
Website redesign
Development ofNFT Marketplace
Launching the NFT Farming Dapp
Partnership Announcements
Further Ecosystem Development

30,000 Telegram Members
100,000 Holders
Name: Baby Floki CEO
Symbol: $BFLOKIC
Total Supply: 420,000,000,000,000,000

Contract: 0x87Bb7C683D82aeA0f16b14cf524D13Bd6a84a2d3
- 2% fee auto distribute to all holders. Diamond hands will be rewarded;
- 8% fee for marketing and development to increase the value and recognition of the project;

– Liquidity pool tokens locked at launch (It’s rug-proof);
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